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 The main document for foreign citizens to get to Belarus is a passport or other equivalent document with visa. For getting visa a foreign citizen should submit to a diplomatic representatives or a consular establishment of the Republic of Belarus abroad filled visa application and documents as follows:

 - for a tourist’s visa: voucher (ticket for a group tour) or confirmation on a group’s reception on the territory of the Republic of Belarus officially registered by a Belarusian tourist organization properly licensed. Tourist’s visa is granted for up to 30 days;
- for a guest visa: original of an invitation officially registered with respective units of Passport and Visa Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. Guest visa is issued for a duration indicated in the invitation but not longer than for 90 days. Multiple guest visa valid for 1 year is issued for foreign citizens and members of their families with near relation to citizens of the Republic of Belarus – after submitting respective invitation.

- for a business visa: invitation from a juridical person (in original or fax copy). Business visa issued for 90 days. Single visa usually issued 5 days after submitting an application.

 For extension of the period of validity of single business or single guest’s visa it is necessary to submit application to the respective Passport and Visa Service Unit of a foreign citizen residence in the Republic of Belarus. Tourist visa can not be prolonged. Foreign citizen can get a visa in diplomatic representatives, consular establishments of the Republic of Belarus and in the National Airport Minsk 2 after arriving to the country.

Visa procedures at the national airport Minsk 2

 Airport’s Consular station usually issues visas to citizens who arrive from the countries that do not have Belarusian consular establishments.

 For getting a tourist visa, a foreigner should submit an application to a tourist company and a common voucher; for a transit visa you should present a visa of the final destination country.

 The main document for getting a business visa is an invitation (the original) from a company, for a guest visa — an invitation (the original) from a Belarusian citizen registered officially in respective units of Passport and Visa Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

 The rates for foreign citizens applying got a visa at the airport since December 16, 2002 are indicated in the table.


 In accordance with the Republic of Belarus legislation, all foreign citizens entering the country or passing via the country as transit passengers must have medical emergency insurance. Insurance policy can be obtained while crossing the border (representatives of Belarusian state insurance companies work at every border post) as well as at the offices of insurance companies within the country. For example, representative offices of “Belgosstrakh” company can be found in every district of the country.

 The rates for the insurance policy depend on duration of stay in Belarus. The cheapest one (for 1 2 days) costs 1 USD; the most expensive one (valid for one year) – 85 USD.

Customs Procedures

 It is banned to import without special permission fire arms and ammunition, military equipment, narcotics, psychotropic, toxic, or radioactive material and explosives; printed and audiovisual materials harmful to the interests of the Republic of Belarus, its state security, health and morality of its citizens.

 Things as follows can be imported into Belarus without paying customs duties:

- personal belongings with customs value not exceeding equivalent of 1,000 Euro per person (for indivisible goods – 1,200 Euro) with total weight not exceeding 50 kg (for indivisible goods – 80 kg);

- foodstuff – weighting not more than 5 kg per person;

- spirits – not more than 1 litre per person older than 18 years;

- cigarettes – not more than 200 pieces or 200 g of tobacco per person older than 18;

- not more than 5 items of gold and silver ware;

- not more than 1 piece of wrist watch;

- not more than 3 items of clothes made of natural leather and (or) fur;

- video recording and video demonstrating gear – one piece per person with total value not exceeding 1,000 Euro.

 For personal belongings (except furniture and transportation means, because special import procedure apply to them) purchased outside the territory of the Republic of Belarus with a total value of between 1,000 – 10,000 euro customs duty of 30% of their customs evaluated cost should be paid.

 Export of ready currency from the Republic of Belarus without obligatory customs declaration and production of permissive documents is allowed if total value does not exceed the equivalent of 3,000 euro per person; with obligatory customs declaration, but without producing permissive documents – to the equivalent of 10,000
euro per person.

 Export of ready Belarusian roubles from the Republic of Belarus is allowed if total value does not exceed 100 times the minimal salary in the Republic of Belarus per person.

 Import of ready currency to the Republic of Belarus is not limited in accordance with requirements of customs laws; import of ready Belarusian roubles is allowed if total value does not exceed 100 times the minimal salary in the Republic of Belarus per person.

Rules for crossing the border

 When entering the Republic of Belarus, the owner of the automobile should include the automobile’s data in the customs declaration. Belarus is in the valid zone of international car insurance policy. If an entering person does not have a “green card”, a citizen of countries bordering with Belarus can buy the Belarusian state insurance policy. It costs 5 Euros for 15 days for a passenger car; for one year the price is 53 Euros. The insurance policy can be bought at bureaus that are situated
at every border entry point. It is obligatory to have a driving license and car documents when entering Belarus.

Service centres

 They provide parking space for passenger cars and trucks, and often have hotel rooms. Breakfast, lunch and dinner and banquets can be held at their cafes. There are also mainte nance stations.

Welcome to Belarus!